The Creaking Chair - Part I

10:34 PM

21 December 1997

This is just a veritable diary entry of an old man,
so if you are sneaking through
in anticipation of some covert tell tale,
I suggest you turn to the diary entry on 16 August 1953
All that you'll get here is Cognitive Content....

Its already quarter past 6 in the morning,
and in anticipation of the newspaper
I follow my regular treading on the veranda...
"Kamal !! Babuji is again outside,this early,
Make him come in, you know how susceptible he is to the cold"
I can hear bahu in her cajolery tongue,
trying to wake Kamal from his morning slumber...

When I was his age,I used to be up and running
like a steaming engine by this time.
I was in Bangalore then,
at the center of a mushrooming entrepreneurial hub..
My mornings were mainly consumed in charting out the days work
And by 7 I used to be onto the streets,
riding on dreams,
enterprisingly spirited....

"Dadaji,its cold outside,come in,
I'll get you the paper when it arrives"
Kamal's youngest son,holds my hand
almost dragging me inside the house,
with such ingenious love,
I can hardly resist....

Dressed up in his navy blue shorts,
and white shirt,
that shimmer of a freshly fallen dew upon the pasture,
the infectious vigour,
so easily pulls me back to the days,
I was so like him,
only a bit more impish...

The newspaper has the same story every day,
Its such a regular objection,since ages now,
It has almost dubbed itself as truth...
Yet for a 70 year old man,
with all the time in the world to ponder
on situations that he possibly cannot alter
A critics position is a caper.....

Stopping abruptly....Kamal's arranged for floodlights in the backyard...
Badminton on a cold night....I was a champion once....
alas! I'll only watch today.....

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The Negative

12:18 AM

It was a blessed chance I stumbled upon the negative,
for years was it buried in the diary..
I had little remembrance of the puerile verses
I had written in it,
The only memories still intact
were the nights the soliloquy were pend...

Someone told me the law of attraction,
'The Secret' was it where I read it?
Damn!I should have believed,
A die hard rationalist I dun believe till I endure..
2 weeks, 2 Kodachrome,
Is it any sign??

Was it years back or just days,
seems like a distant motion picture running in the backdrop...
But I must come back to where I began,
the negative...

My dream....
Often i dream of a face that smiles,
shaking me violently of my slumber,
ever so subtly does the ambiance
pass through my senses,
spreading such tranquil,
I dream again....

Good Morning....
As she ebbed closer,
whispering mischievously in my ears...

Before the first rays 
of the morning sunlight,
could dilate the pupils of my eye,
her magnetic,intoxicating scent
fills my senses,
'my morning sunlight....'

Her Eyes...
Looking into her eyes,
I'm transparent, not opaque
she looks through me,
like a thin film of 
non-existent air,
at times,
those mesmerizing eyes....

Her Smile...
I dropped a pebble on a tranquil lake,
trailing the charm of the nascent wave,
buoyantly spreading its infectious joy,
the enthralling pattern on that canvas sublime,
it reminds me,
the smile spreading on her face divine...

The click...
Arms in arm, we lay besides,
eyes locked in visions,
we could read our minds...
To capture us thus,
our pristine love,
on that morning..... 
what passionate romantic she was...

Her Dream....
She told me so,
I only quote...
entangled in intimacy,
she said her verse...

"On the beach of tranquil emotion,
where we lay across the sand,
so cold at night,biting on the bare skin,
upon which the tickle of mischief 
grows with each passing minute,
the breath getting heavy an moist 
as the moon follows its trajectory 
across the destined night...
The rain finally arrives,
entangled the two of us,
strangers fall in love...."

Signed You and Me,
The photograph....


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