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The Creaking Chair - Part III

14 May 1998 How ironic, death had to choose this day, out of the other 364 it could have sent its icy kiss on... Or maybe it was trapped like me, in the ecstasic glow of 14 May,Friday... The spell so strong that no other turn of the diurnal cycle could make its presence felt... Happy Anniversary, my Love !!! No, not our marriage.. before you pinch me on my right shoulder, like you always did... when you punished me, on one of my moronly stupid remarks, or at the extremes of our foreplay... The skin there is still soft... But our marriage.. still 14 months and 14 days away... The candle light on the first, The second honeymoon on the tenth... The rendezvous on the 24th... but the one you loved the most was the bunjee jump on the 16th... But today is not the day we vowed the celestial ties... You invariably forgot it year after year, And how I used to be taciturn the whole day, trying to show my hurt... and how you made the day memorable  with your proposals in the evening at 6, I sti