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What if..

The sun looked at me today, with it’s orange hue and a tinge of grey romantic and blue.. But that’s not important, What is, is that it stared right in my eyes with eagerness and resolve like an intense lover And for the first time I could sense jealousy, desire and longing all as a single emotion, Now I don’t have a word for that so let me go with ‘what if…’ And then I wondered where were you when you were in your full glory during the day did you share a wine with sunshine or did you stroll in Central Park basking in the warmth. And then I could sense regret, too late, homie ! My mistress’ perfume, I smell already I still would have loved you but the moon is rising and I feel I’m home     Come back again tomorrow, and maybe we will talk. The night belongs to my mistress But come morning, I know I would wait for your song.. - Ashk