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The Creaking Chair - Part XXV

  The Creaking Chair – Part XXV 12th September 1990 There are days when your body and mind craves for a fight it can be in a brawl in a bar  or a war of words and emotions with your dear ones but there are days when you just crave for some kind of a outlet  of course you don’t want to  really  hurt anyone  or get hurt yourself – physically or emotionally  but you want to have that rush of adrenaline to cleanse your system The feeling is like that of a rusty door frame  the hinges are crying out to come out – to break into dusty forms  and yet holding on too afraid of the sound of a falling door  as if it would break the slumber of a sleeping giant in the room and that can not be good, is it? The dichotomy of emotions at that moment, it’s like the sound of wind slowly gaining speed before a storm they say silence is the deepest before a storm  I disagree, I think it is after the storm that the silence really kicks in  when you realize the magnitude and reality of the destruction caused 

The Creaking Chair - Part XXIV

  14 th  October 1949 Habits form due to practice  but hobbies are not developed; it’s like having a feeling where they call to you that’s what I believe  have you ever heard someone say, I am on a 21 day course to develop a hobby !  And there is no specific time when a hobby may prop its lure in your head  and the trigger can be many for me my charm for cycling is one of those hobbies which happened to me I am not yet a professional level cyclist  but glad I am getting good day by day  today is special because I hit the 100 Km mark for the first time  And when I sat to write about it I realized the strongest impressions were of the last mile The last 10 Km gives you all kind of sensations  I am not even getting into the famed last mile stretch that the marathoners feel  thankfully, I did not feel any of those life changing, hard hitting epiphanies  or the absolute struggles of thinking how would I finish this infinite last stretch  to be frank, I don’t think I had the feeling that I w