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I shall live to Garner Experiences

A Sunday spent lazing around…literally doing nothing…. Perfect….Life cannot be better !! But then the night draws near and I start thinking, what is that which I fear the most. There is this feeling that keep nagging somewhere in the heart. That feeling of another day gone by. This is not the fear of death. This is not the fear of growing old. This is the fear of loosing out on time. This is the fear of not having enough experiences in life to feel good about. This is about not having made enough mistakes in life to feel healed of, from the corrective paths you take. It’s the fear of knowing exactly how the next day looks like. The realization that you need to be excited about something which will happen the next day, something which you are not aware of. You may meet someone you have never met before, you may read a new book, you may have a dialogue on atheism with another enlightened soul, or you may end up writing a note to the you 30 years from now. That is what mak