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The Creaking Chair - Part VIII

22nd March 1999 When you are my age,  the best way to have an adventure  is to travel down the memory lane  And I was feeling quite adventurous today, So I decided go up to the attic  It was quite a climb by the way  12 steps on a rickety DIY wooden steps fun fact : the attic used to be my Man Den  everything there was fashioned by me  right from the hidden pool table to the bar counter There was even a hidden stash of condoms though I don't remember ever making love with anyone in my den  for there were always rules right that you don't break  I still have my doubts though on Samir  It was during the summer of 88 when he had come over to live at my place with his fiance for a month The attic now seemed to me like a warehouse of memories Those stacked piles of DC comics and the coverings on the wall to make it sound proof I was a peculiar case. I loved to watch all creations from Marvel on screen But when it came to readi