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Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, First of all I would like to thank you for that beautiful barbie that you gave to me, last Christmas. Martha said it was the most wonderful doll she had ever seen. Mom always says we must thank people for what they do to us But this Christmas, I want from you the only gift I'll ever ask from you. Because I have decided not you ask you anything else, once you give me this,for this is all my world is. On 11 September 2001, Tuesday, dad went to office, but he did not come back home. Mum told me it was the special Tuesday, when God needed the best people from Earth to do a certain very important job..something to prevent the Apocalypse... or something like that...She said it was in the Bible, when the world falls over... So, he sent a plane for daddy to come to him as that i must be proud that my dad is fighting to save the world... But Santa, I love my dad and so dearly miss him. I only want you to turn that special Tuesday into