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Black Coffee

2 months and 2 days...and he still was lost for words...but he did write each a fanatic following his religion...he was pious too..he did write the letter each night and burnt it every morning...he sprinkled the last bit of the ashes in his coffee every single was a peculiar habit...but he was so full of peculiarities now..that his own reflection was a little baffled at his sanity...they din know he did that..if they knew they would chide him on how it could effect his health...but then he already knew how he was...he only din say... Why make it a sad story...every time I write...someday..maybe it will be a little more sweeter and saner than last night..maybe then he would post the letter...but he did not have the address..but then he still din have the final letter ready... Dramatics...never his trait...but he craved for applause...for critique...for honour...would his story make them cry...will those words finally fall into the perfect order o

The Creaking Chair - Part XIII

3 rd  August 1953 I woke up in the morning at 5.23 AM Something like my regular routine these days  It had been an uneasy sleep  Remembering when I ended up sleeping is a lost cause  Its happening most of the nights these days  I generally sleep between 2 or 3 AM Must have been some time similar It is a shady chapter of my life  if anyone ever cares to write about it  though I doubt they would get to know much about it in these pages but I would still try  understanding human nature & emotions is a tricky act  some excel in it, while others run away  They call it escapism – couldn’t find another fancy term it seems I have been practicing Hikikomori for a 2 years now Never thought I would start to love it so much at first, it started as an experiment  the charm of total isolation without any human contact  without any worries of handling emotions which come from human interactions to be honest but then it grew on me