Romantic Night

8:24 PM

Beneath this stormy night,

underneath the silver moonlight,
feel my heart beat faster,
as the gentle breeze
whispers mischief into our ears,
hand in hand,we’ll walk
through the years..

Words we speak tonight,
will live in our hearts forever,
those mystical eyes,
the romantic night…

Your hair, it flows
with the wind…
your perfume intoxicates,
it thrills…
let no secret between us lie,
let the clouds veil the sky….

The silver dust,
as it falls
take me in your arms,
my love….
let’s live the dream
my beloved queen
let me be the knight,
who wins your heart tonight…

No joy, no bliss
beyond the pleasure,
of your arms
I lay the throne
of my heart,
for you to dethrone…

No emotion deeper
than the love we share
let me see it in your eyes,
This romantic night…..


Friday Night Ball

8:22 PM

Its raining love,

i can feel u close…
deep in my heart
your shadows play…

Our first night ball,
and we had a dance…
can still feel your body,
in my arms…

We waltzed for hours
as people watched…
the symphony of the night,
reaching every soul and heart…

I still remember,
how u forced me
to dance in the rain
with those pearls falling
on your angel face…

The night remains the same,
even the heavens rain…
oh honey!!! I'm alone,
be by my side again…


Confiscated Innocent

8:19 PM

Ask me not,
oh heavens!!!
why i sigh…
judge me not,
on that single sight…
an evil night,
it flipped my life…

A spectator was i,
most unfortunate
knows the sky….

Those eyes did meet
for the last time it gleamed…
darkness did fall,
the dagger did rise
in a single blow
it stabbed two souls/lives

The demon had risen,
one last time
overpowered, the heart
had no choice
imprisoned am i
yet its guilt
which i can’t survive

This cruel world
believe me,
made me to react
I have nothing left,
but to sigh
a confiscated innocent
am I              


Love Is Freedom

8:17 PM

Its an illusion

of the mind,
to misjudge
the rose of freedom,
for the rope of binding
Is not love,
a mistress free??

Love’s not a slave,
no master it serves…
Tenebrous task,
to tame one’s will
The tyrant within
must fall
to grounds beneath…

To bow in love
is no sacrifice,
A proof for
law of nature; is it
That love erases
the arrogant lines
of disparity…

Love, is not a prison,
no, its not a lake,
Not a bird in a cage…

It’s a castle without walls,
no boundaries, for her thoughts
It’s a stream, a river;
It’s a bird that sings,
that floats in sky
the splendor described
is love defined….


Imperfections Galore

8:12 PM

The ultimate desire,the unconquerable quest and the inextinguishable thirst,for every soul that has ever graced this planet, has been to attain perfection, in this perfectly imperfect world. Be it personal or professional life of an individual,perfection in whatever one does is the most sought after prize.
Although,it would be impossible for any mortal being to attain perfection, the desire within never dies.And why should it? For every person has the right to have his own dreams.And the perfect dream for each one of us, we accept or not, is to be that perfect someone,we imagine ourselves to be. A child dreams of becoming a superhero. The same reflection remains in our mind throughout our lives. There is that perfect image of that “Perfect Me”, that drives our actions.
This quest for perfection is the fire that drives many to greatness. The desire to follow the steps of your idol, or even better to make your own path to that greatness, is the only staircase to self satisfaction. The vision of yourself standing on the same step as your idol is too big an inspiration to neglect.
The only glitch in the perfect movie, is the fact that imperfections are an inseparable part of perfection. To be perfect in all respect , in everyone’s eye,is a task beyond human capability. And to loose oneself striving to achieve something that is practically not attainable is the cause for many heart breaks and set backs.
No philosopher, neither a very good friend can teach you the limits of your perfection. It has to be a self motivated quest to find one’s own limits, or make it. And more importantly to adhere to it. And if possible, to stretch the boundaries till the extent possible.
The greatest perfection that a person can achieve is to accept that imperfections galore in the glittery world of perfectionists. Yet the only desire that should burn within is to be a part of that world where you satisfy the limits of your own perfectionism.

The Enchanting Night

8:10 PM

The best ever poetry
ever created,
is the night itself…
The most melodious song
sung ever,
is the night itself…..

Night has been my mistress. She has captivated me,enchanted me and to be perfectly honest, has completely mesmerized me.It is a vision beyond normal, a dream beyond realism.The beauty and the augustness of the mystical sand that falls over the planet at night, is a rhythm deeper than one can ever listen or feel.

The deepest revelations of one’s soul and heart are done in the sacred silence of the night.The very smell of the grass covered with dew,as it strikes the senses,opens up a sequence of memories that run through the mind.The seductress approach of the night in the chill of the winter plays a million images in the mind.The illusions created by the solemn nights of autumn is a dream in itself.

My captivation of night, in particular, dates back to the times of childhood.Those nights, when lying on the bed, i used to stare at the starry sky, and wonder about the limits of one’s dreams.The sweet stupid games played with my mates, making identifiable shapes out of the millions of bright spots that covered that night sky.

The charm of night never has diminished.The essence has taken different shapes, though, just like those stars which used to be at different places, each night.Days have slipped, and so have the nights.The sky,the stars,the moon,the silvery dust still remain the same. What has changed is me,my thoughts,my dreams,my vision.Still the enchantment remains the same.

Still night remains my sacred sanctum sanctorum.The time when i am what i am.The place where i fear none,where i live my dreams,where i fret and cry.The time when i sew my soul and dip it in the holy drape of silver dust and transmute into the original me.The time when an insomniac dreams…….


Multi-Faced Me

8:08 PM

Some call me an enigma. Others rate me as a normal individual,a person with desires to achieve his goals. A person aspiring to be successful. Some even call me a philosopher. People and their interpretations….. you can’t stop them from judgment, can you?
If you ask me,though, what I am? I will come up with a blank reply,a confused expression on my face.No insight into what i really am. I am a stranger, for myself and for this world that exists outside.
I have had many faces that i have hidden,at times and flaunted at others. You may call me a case of split personality, the only difference being that there are so many personalities within me, that i loose track of the real me. I am a pessimist and the greatest optimist, both at the same time. I am a warrior and a coward, all at the same time. I am a philosopher and a weakened soul, again at the same time.
The person whom this world meets each morning, is the me whom i allow to be witnessed by the external world. the person whom my people see is the one who’s different from the first me. The person whom i see in my solitude and maybe someone else does, is the real me. I have learned to play this game of multi faced masquerade that i wear to fight my own fears. At the same time to preserve the inner me from the loss of his dream of divine happiness, that he still believes exists.
I don’t feel any joy in shading the parts of me into black and white and a multitude of different shades. I feel sorry for the soul that’s broken into pieces and sewed again each night in solitude. But i have never chosen my destiny myself. It has been my destiny that has always chosen its victim. I live with no regrets, but a hope, an undying fire within my heart that i will come through to that world that i have imagined and dreamed of each night. The world that’s mine. Where only the real me will exist, and accompanying me will be those who have seen this real me……i will survive….



8:07 PM

Words can bring a revolution,they say. Words can change people. Words can inspire, they can conspire. Words can create new dreams,they can bring dreams to reality. 

Words, the mightiest sword that a human can device, they say.

Yes, they say….

What’s the worth of a word that’s spoken from the deepest corner of one’s heart?what’s the worth of a word that someone says to save his life? What’s the worth of a word that people say just for the sake of saying?

The most important question,though, what’s the difference between either of these words???

Some say words are just words, said because no one can keep silence. But my friend words are deeper than any silence can think of being.

Some say words are the expressions of one’s feelings, emotions. For whom?, i ask….does the world really cares about your words, my friend…

The harsh truth you accept once you face it is that words are just words, for everyone who’s around you. Words mean something and everything, just for the person who composes the verse.

Trust me my friend “Words have no Worth”.

And if you think i am an insensitive little wart that does not care for emotions or feelings, and thus can never understand the worth of human interchange of expressions, you are deeply mistaken mate. I have nothing in me that can express my inner soul, but these words i write. I worship every word that leaves my mouth. and that is the very reason i feel sorry for the neglect of every word that i say in the eyes of those for whom i say…..



A Brief History Of The Human Journey

9:33 PM

Let the skies decide your fate,
oh devil;
who kills me
the thunderstikes,the firestorms;
the elements that make up thou earth
would justify
when asked;oh thee….

Who’s cries are these??Should we say Humanity,or trust,or human emotions,or are these the woeful songs of the Mother nature????
The plague has sunken deeper than our imagination can glide our thoughts to.This is the agony of every foundation stone and of every principle that governs the very existence of human race on this planet.
Exaggeration, as it might seem,but ther pretence can’t last long.For years now,we have lived with this facade of innocence.And now the demons,whom we have nurtured for years,have started to haunt us.
We might have tamed every law that governs physics,and every theory that runs our lives.But in this race to defeat such forces,we forget to tame ourselves.Pursuit for excellence in any field one decides to work in has nothing wrong with it.In fact,this hunger to unravel the unknown,is the force that drove us towards cephalisation,which ultimately led to civilisation.The center of the problem doesn’t lie in our hunger to achieve wonderful results.But rather in the path,that we tread to reach the destination of our desires.
We read,and write,and talk,and forget.This has been our theory when it comes to bringing a change.I don’t talk much about nature,nor humanity,because much has been done to assign back the state of orderliness.But it is the human emotions,which remain unattended to.Every one of us, whether we accept or not,we feel the pain of a lost emotion,be it trust,faith,fear,joy or the most envious of all:love.
How often does it happen,that you talk to someone and yet you feel you have not.You loose a dream and yet you don’t cry.You lie so often and yet you never fear. How often do you walk up into people’s company and yet you feel as lonely as the night would,without moon.You laugh at someone’s joke,and join the amusing crowd,and yet not feel the joy.The implications of a lost emotion are far more simpler than we think,but have trained ourselves to deny the obvious,because we love our masquerade.
Our biologists call us a social,i.e.,we live in groups with co-operation.But we are moving towards gregarious habit,where we live in groups, but but don’t have faith on anyone.Can we trust anyone completely today???Our family seems to be the only safe haven for our emotions…
We place ourselves at the heighest level of heirarchy,and take pride in calling ourselves “social Animals”.Although, it rests completely on one’s deeds,which decide,which word out of the two,to emphasis more on,when referring to him.We are superior from our lesser intelligent companions on this planet because we have emotions.Loosing the sense of emotions is making us loose our conscience.The human race is crying for us to get back to the grounds where we started our journey from.The realms of love,trust and faith is where we belong.It’s time to move out of the masquerade and script a new sunrise.No one can decide what we do,but ourselves.For it’s easy to tame a barbarian,but if the need arises to tame an untamed civilised,it would mean lowering the worth of the Human Race……

- Ashk

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