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An essay on Self & Beyond ...

The distinction of 'self' and 'beyond' has been the sole marker that has helped humans rise above the level of plain animal instinct claim the protagonist; the sole bane- the reason for the segregation of the society,claims the antagonist, on the other hand. Like a motion picture flowing in its rhythm the story has its ups and downs and both the ce ntral  characters have their time - "I told you so" moments. So first, the preface. Science, in modern time is not limited to one domain, and the sapient have been burning the night oil, to bring about an integration of the various aspects of human learning. And the debate of the supremacy, or at times, even the legitimacy, of philosophy or Science has been raging for ages now. There have been proponents of the theory that neither of these can exist sans other. While most still adhere to the notion of a valley between the two poles. Where I'm getting to is this distinction and how to treat this in the