A measure of visible charm,
or unseen grace;
is beauty?
An excuse for immortal remembrance,
of her face
or her thoughts;
is beauty?

A tender rose,
dipped in dew
or a single thorn,
painted to be alive on canvas,
what difference,
for an artist;
Its beauty...

From frozen ice
on mighty mountains,
To barren lands
of desert stretch,
from dripping water
on the old oak tree,

To the growth of new buds
in the spring,
Every season,
Every act of nature;
Is beauty...

Every breathe which
we take in,
Every thought that
we think,
Every song that
the bird sings;
Is beauty...

Every word
you say to me;
Every feeling
I share with thee;
Is beauty...

The joy,the love
The pain, the tear;
Every emotion
inside of me and you;
Its beauty...

White light,
or seven colours combined;
Perception is
personal; choice;
Beauty never is defined,
Its the perception
of one's mind....



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