The untamed rawness of the youth
with its fervor of hot blood
rushed through his head,at those words...
I can not allow the timid feelings of love
to tether me from appealing to my dreams..
It would just be fretful care,
of the native beauty that has seen and felt
the pain of fellow maidens 
as they cried in the courtyard,
for men they loved who died in the battlefield....
Its a decision she said,you make
its you as my lover,
or you as a soldier...
now or never....

3 months since then,
He stood facing the 13th battalion...
His mate ventured too far,
now stranded alone,around enemy fire,
should he risk his self,
or should he stay behind the barracks...

The choice, he realised
he had made that fateful day 
in the farms of Punjab,
when she had cried...
the choices were always the same...
now or never...


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