Wise Man speaking

The last Sunday, I met this gentleman while travelling in the bus.Ccandidly talking on various topics, he let me in on a lot of observations on daily life. One of them I narrate here.

"As a rationalist, I have often given my mental faculties, a dictate to keep an open eye. And when they observe, I report. Walking through a fire station in the morning, I saw the morning drill being carried out. The usual rounds of some troop marching and regular fire drills. It was a casual exercise, and nothing peculiar. But that is the whole point I'm making, son. It is this lack of enthusiasm and pride, that's driving our lots today. We are terribly short of PRIDE.

Think of it, how often have you felt a sense of pride, when you do your 'work'? I emphasis on Work because, that is precisely my point. We as a nation have been the fore founders of the concept of searching for the soul's purpose on this planet, and yet we are the ones who find it hard to find a reason for feeling proud about what we do. As the troops marched, there was not a single chest that was swollen with pride at the fact that his was a job worth its weight in gold. And this lethargy translates into the lack of complete dedication towards work. I'm not saying that the firemen there were incompetent, but that they would do their job for the sake of doing it, and not because they felt it was making a difference. Somewhere down the line, this feeling is inbred in our society at large."

- Ashk

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