The Opera Lights

In the background of opera lights,
I had seen her cry...
Those delicate pearls upon her satin handkerchief,
she had so gracefully plucked them away..
Her profile,the demeanour that she held as she sat,
did it ever flicker in composure,
even if; i could not perceive...

The muscles abound her beauty bones,
were they taut,
the streak of golden string of her evening gown
upon her bare shoulder,
sheepishly shone the single bead of perspiration besides...

Her eyes did not follow
the subtle movements of the violinist
for the first time that night..
they shielded the window to her thoughts,
like opaque mirror they stood...

"Are you fine, young lady?"
that pristine smile never betrayed her lie...

The satin touched her crystal eyes a few more times,
the opera dimmed for the last lines,
as the romeo died,
I still think I saw her cry...



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