Whisper Of Love

I would rather ask, than judge
or shall i pray, not say
my options confused,
my thoughts consumed
Wish I could look into your eyes
for answers, I can't find,
for no reason, Just for smiles...

Standing face to face,
I'm transparent, not opaque
you look through me,
like a thin film of 
non-existent air,
at times...

Another time in the sand-watch;
You are my guiding light
my destined path,
The voice that echoes
the hand, that holds on
my dreams, my life...

Wish i could express 
without saying,
looking into your eyes;
Wish you could hold me
through my fears tonight...

Whisper in my ears 
those magical words
I care,I love
we'll stay this way...

Hold my hand,
need no promises be made
A silent vow,
That you'll kiss my heart
my soul will live in you
forever, till eternity...



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