Music That's Called Words....

" I slept uneasy last night"

What would you interpret, if I say so? if at all you will. These are just an randomly arranged group of alphabets. They may mean a thousand things to a thousand different people. Every word in it may have different connotations for minds that have different rhythms flowing through them. No, I'm not talking absurdity. You can counter act me, saying that it means just what it is supposed to mean.That I slept uneasy the forgone night.

I am no philosopher to make theories or deduce new variables or laws to define what I mean to say. Neither am I so good in expression that I may make you believe what I see in these words. But then that is the whole point of me writing this.

Words have life.Just like we have one.Some are proud of it, others fret it, yet a few denounce it. But everyone has it. Words are pointless and they have a point to make. Words have their own feelings, when some believe that words are expressions of feelings. I utterly oppose them. Words are themselves feelings. Words are emotions. Words are what holds the whole sanity of your mind in a single rhythm. Ever tried to hold down words. Just cut them off. Don't allow even the thought of words to cross your subconscious.You feel sorry, you feel angry, you feel happy. Now try and feel them without giving them the name that you just did. Try to feel the ecstacy, the agony, and for the same moment allow these words to be wiped out of your mind so that you have no memory or recognition of what they mean. Can you still feel your emotions. Words are emotions.

I have a crush on words. I am in fact deeply in love with them. but often I fall short of them. in fact every time, when i wish to pen down myself, I end up writing someone else's thoughts. Never mine. Does this mean my words betray me? or is it a proof of what philosophy says, that we all strife to enlighten ourselves and the process that works in steps, ever so tediously and methodically cleaning our souls and uniting us to the penultimate truth - the string that runs through the whole universe, making us a part of it. Are words that hidden string that we look for. And the reason I end up writing abstract is because I have yet not recognized the true nature or words. And so the cycle of Karma continues unabated.

No I cannot let you believe what i have written.Even if you ask me what have i written, I would not be able to tell you. For every word is an emotion that is yours. The moment you look upon it, the moment you let it enter into the active faculty of your brains, you make it yours. It is no longer mine. And so what that word means or in what context it is used, i cannot explain or even guess. It is your word, your world that it is a part of now. And now its your journey, your strife to deduce what it means to you.

Words are just words for few. For others it is expression of their emotions. And for very few it is life.



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