The Creaking Chair - Part XIX

4th April 1998

I have a very strong will power
over years, I have been able to resist a lot of my urges 
those which would have caused me much trouble 
and even those which were more innocent 
But being able to control my desires so that they don’t consume me 
has always been something I have prided myself on

And well of course, this is painting a broad stroke 
the picture has a lot of finer details 
times when I have completely given into my urges 
even those which have definitely put me into a lot of trouble 
and also joyful stories if I look back at them now 
I am no saint, right? Remember the five night brawl in the winters of my 33rd birthday?

But then there is one pleasure which I could never give up on
the absolute joy of eating sweets – and I know some of you would never get what I mean
you need to truly admire the release of happy hormones in you 
when you put that morsel of ultimate bliss in your mouth
I had a record in the house where I had eaten a kilogram of rasgulla in one go 
how astounded was my sister !

But the reason I am going on babbling about this 
is because I now need to reduce my intake of sweets 
is what my doctor has told me 
it’s like telling a life long smoker to stop smoking 
ain’t gonna happen ! 
so my days of hiding things in the neck of my table top vase are back 
good that at least Sahil is on my side
we already have a plan

~ Ashk

P.S. – If you have not tried yet, you must eat kala jamun made in the shape of a jalebi. Can’t explain why but the taste is just so much better than the regular Kala Jamun !

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