The Creaking Chair - Part XXI


27th October 1992

Sahil has been very quiet for the last few days 
generally he used to come back from school and be all chirpy
he used to keep pestering me to listen to what happened 
what was the latest trend in the playground 
which technology were the kids of the new generation drooling over 
and of course which girl is he starting to have a crush on

I am like the cool grandpa 
something which Kamal is often jealous off
but he has to raise his game if you wants to compete with me
Just because he is my son does not mean I let him win easily 
especially when it’s about being the BFF of my grand child  
Sahil told me what BFF means

Last month he also asked me to come along with him 
to this gig thing that they do 
it is just like the jamming session that I used to do when I was young
but they do a lot of things there
from singing and music to debates and someone also showcases his paintings on and off
reminded me of ‘Dead Poet’s society’
and I think he was just over enthusiastic to have called me 
he later felt quite relieved that I had told him I would not be coming 

So anyways, he seems quiet for the last few days
and on the edge and jumpy
in my experience, that happens either when you have a solid crush on someone
or you are being picked on by someone who prides himself to be a bully
and I have a feeling that since he is not speaking to me about it
it must be a bully. Sahil is tough but he needs someone to speak to 
I am torn, yeah even at my age and with all the so called wisdom
should I speak or let Kamal know about it and let him speak to his son

I also feel sorry about how my gang used to bully Kristen 
I may have played some part in the pranks as well
but then it was innocent, it was not as horrible as some of the stuff I hear these days 
and we heard of nothing ‘bad’ that could have happened 
so I guess we were not crossing the line 
but then when I was bullied I also always smiled so that no one would hear my stories 
I think best I focus my energies on Sahil and how to help him
maybe I could also call on Kristen and check how has his Harvard degree helped him - what a snob ! 

~ Ashk

P.S. – Amongst all the names I was called when I was bullied, the one I still laugh at today is ‘Sabrina’. How that video found on the internet with misplaced identity spread through in my graduation !!

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