I fight a stranger,
there’s an i within me,
whom i don’t know…
Never met him,
but he’s there…

like a drop of dew,

Reflection of me
that doesn’t resemble me,
is the stranger whom i fight…

The stranger sings
songs of life,
The picture of sunrise
can his eyes paint,
even through
the darkest of nights…

The optimist within me
dares to dream,
innocent his thoughts,
The stranger within me…..

The stranger fears no foe,
but friends…
Silence his only weakness,
Loneliness his only strength…

His only companion is time,
the force he fears
beyond thee and life….
An unread book
is the stranger within me…..

How i see him??
I don’t!
He’s a feeling,
an emotion,
a solitary soul….
Only mistake he cries for,
is the love that was true,
for reasons he hides….

I know not much of this stranger
whom i fight….
Yet i know so much,
to know that he’s alive….

The stranger i fight,
is no stranger at all
The stranger is “I”….



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