Would You....

Can i ask you, my love,

what would you do,
if we meet someday,
on the road, somehow…

Would you hug me tight,

or would you say goodbye…
I wanna know tonight,
Would you greet me like a friend,
Or would you treat me like your ex,
I wanna know tonight…

I’ve thought about it, each day

Ever since, we walked away…
Would the heavens rain
on the day, we meet again…

Where would we meet,

what time, what day…
What emotions you will hide,
what feelings would you show…
If i ask you to laugh
would you grant me
the pleasure of your smile, that day
tell me, or would you turn away…

What if,you have a friend with you,

What if,he’s more than a friend to you…

How would you introduce

or won’t you recognise me…
would you curse your devil,
call me names
or would you let me capture
the silence in your angelic face…

What music, what rythm

would your heart wish for…
would you hear the sounds
of the breeze, that day
just like i do, each day
hoping against hope,
to listen to your voice, someday…

If i wish you happiness in life,

would you say, it kills
to see you care for me…
Or would you wish me laughs, again…

Would you remind me of my sins,

or would you hold my hand
and say, be friends again
Or would you say nothing,
But grant my last wish,
Tell me!!Oh please…..

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