Creativity Evades A Perfectionist's Mind

Creativity - The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.

This is what the dictionary defines creativity as.What amuses me the most is the fact that you can have a clear cut definition of something as vague as creativity.It almost makes me laugh out. Are we still trapped in this Perfectionist's world where every thought, every process, every motion needs to be defined and set apart from others by well demarcated boundaries.I find it awkwardly stifling. 

The very thought that one has to bind his imagination to the realms defined by the statement above is abhorable, if I'm not being extreme. We seem to be stuck in the matrix where everything needs a perfect dimension to stand out as a creation worth acknowledging.For the diamond to sparkle, it must have the perfect dimensions. But how exactly can you define the perfection, that one seeks for.

For me, creativity flows everywhere.It extends from music to laughter to play to wisdom. In fact, every sphere where i can direct my gaze at,reflects just one thing that is omnipresent, and that is creativity. Its child's play, if you understand the real essence of creating something unique, something different from the traditional.And this process of educating oneself in this extremely demanding subject, is an ever growing process.Its not about worrying for the perfect shape or the perfect angle at which things need to be calculated, its about letting the music play and its about untaming the tamed mind.Thinking out of the box, they say.I believe, its about thinking inside-out. Whatever strikes you. whatever appeals. Its pure magic, once you start to relish the theme of free thoughts.  

To be very frank, much like most of my write ups, this one does not seem to have any specific purpose. Its just an abstract thought, that struck me as I stumbled upon the dictionary meaning of creativity.Though, i prefer to call this a canvas, upon which i can paint a thousand masterpieces, each individual, yet blending together to create something magnificent.   

- Ashk 


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