Immortal soul....

Its a funny world, they say. Its an even funnier creation, i accept...Life...

Mystery always unfold itself in the most mysterious ways. And often the realization of a fact leaves you awestruck at the magnificence of the intricacies of the entangled souls, trapped in this matrix of existence. I have always wondered about the real reasons of why a soul blesses this holy planet. And every time i try to reason out plausible explanations and answers to such burning questions, I stumble across the same native and queer solutions. To extract the best out of one's potentials, to spread the fragrance that is held beneath the breath of every soul, to sparkle like a star and then to fall and sleep in the coveted cocoon of silence.

Every soul, be it human or other, has its own creativity and its own personal niche of excellence. Some thrive on sheer power, others on appraise, yet others in altruism. It is personal choice to choose one of these many ways of achieving immortality. We meet people who spend all their lives in the unprecedented pursuit of power. They end up getting what they always strife for, yet loose the bigger battles in life. We meet yet another group of people who achieve success and are unsurmountable in whatever they do. Yet they are never able to register that place in our hearts, which makes the immortals. 

And then there comes one of those people in thousands, that leave an embossed image of theirs in our hearts. They don't do anything special, they just be what they are. May be the only thing that makes them immortal is the fact that they never leave that innocence which is so divine. The small things that they do, reminds us of them. They never crack those jokes that make you laugh out loud, they just spread those innocent smiles which remain with us for hours. It is the sweetness that they bring with them that makes them immortal.

I guess, you can never become immortal, if you work to be one. It is something that only a few pure souls can do.  
We'll always miss you 



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