Thoughtless Thought

Scribbling doodles,
the art of
drawing grafitti,
their seperation
is a thoughless thought.....

Amongst the patter of rain,
a singer sings
the art of a musician
defining their
is a thoughless thought.....

The edge of a circle,
finding purity
when a politicaian speaks
is a thoughtless thought....

When the evening sun
touches the horizon
the elated ocean
engulfs the last spark
when the moon rises
above the mast
of a sailing vessel
in a tumulous river
defying the stillness
of the night,
Defining their seperation
is a Thoughless Thought......

A chils cradled
in father's arm
has tender thoughts
when it dreams
it's chuckles
sound like the first
drops of rain
to a mother
comparing their joy
defines a Thoughtless Thought......

Its a pleasure
to express something
that's a Thoughtless Thought......

- Ashk


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