The memory that Faded..

So this is how it feels to be that memory which fades away in Alzheimer.. This is how it feels to be eroded from someone's consciousness.. Like a snow ball loosing it's identity in a downhill fall..

So I had thought it would be.. But wasn't it supposed to be sudden.. Like you wake up one morning and you remember not the color of her Cardigan.. Or  the pattern on his tie.. I always thought it would be like the morning hangover of a poorly thought off one night stand.. I never knew it would be like a wave vying to be the last to be remembered or forgotten in your memory on a beach...
So this is how it feels to be looking into the eyes and seeing not yourself but a perplexed look of faint recollection.. Of the scent of his cologne fading away.. Like the smell of her skin after shower fleeting away... Like the change of seasons so confusing.. When did the winter leave... Curling in the blanket... Waiting for the night to never be over... Where did the smell of a summer morning leave.. When did the rains fall.. So this is how it feels to be a memory that is lost to alzheimers
So this is how it feels to not finish a poem... To not let the words rest.. To be unsettled like a lingering wriggle of memory on the wall of his flight.. To be the veil of conscious negligence on her wall of her courage... So this is how it feels to not be...

- Ashk


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