The Conversation

Child - "What is the strange light, oh father!! which I see each night, when I try to fall into slumber?"

Father - " Its a spirit that resides in every soul,my child... As the darkness of the night takes over, it keeps burning like a fire driving the demons and phantoms of fear away !!"

Child - "But that's Batman..I saw the movie.. Is he real then?"

Father(Smiling) - " Yes my child, you call it Batman or Spiderman or Superman or your old Uncle Harry who keeps appeasing you with those pastries. You can call him anything you want to. It won't mind, because its the imagination of a child, most innocent and the reason your spirit is so strong, undiluted and pure, is because your spirits haven't lost the courage yet"

Child - " I like Pineapple pastries the most" :-) "But pa why do spirits loose courage?"

Father - " Oh yes you do !! They are like your guiding angels, they never leave you. It is we who leave for a walk in the woods and loose our way back home at times. Some say its the spirit that's lost in the jungle. "

Child - " Then do they get lost in the jungle forever?"

Father - "The Spirit in you is like your mother when she finds you fighting with Joseph and coming home with a broken tooth. She's furious 'coz she cares for us, more than you or I can see. She would shout at you and she would be crazy at Joseph, but she will tender your wounds and make that apple pie for you."

Child - " So, the spirit gets angry?"

Father - " Yes son, and we do to, for love and care is a sacred thing. But don't you worry lad, have you ever see Batman not come to aid when the night is dark?"

Child - " But I want to see the spirit. will it show its face?"

Father - " Come along son. Make the face as if you are a lion roaring and ready to pounce on anyone who tries to harm you. now look in the mirror. What you see is the spirit within you. And you know why we never see its face, because we fear, even ourselves, and a child does not fear himself. And that is why you always see the light at night. You have the power, son as do all of us. Its just that as we grow up, we loose our faith in the Batmans and the Supermans, because the world makes us believe in Truth and not in fantasies. So, son don't loose hope and never forget to look into the mirror like a lion, for the light is within you."

Mother - " Mr.philosopher, I told you to tell him a story.If you are having one of your strange talks with my child up there, I swear .... [;-)]

- Ashk 


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