The Girl Who Was Lonely

On a long lonely road,
She says,
She walks….
All alone,so shy,
the truth never is denied,
When spoken through the eyes…

She hasn't learned to cry,
though she tries to hide,
the shine in her eyes,
never dies…
And yet the mirror asks,
where does the
devil reside….

She can walk into your heart,
with just a glance..
would heal a wound,
with that smile…
would never listen though,
if you break the mirage…

She's a Princess,
her garden blossoms,
those young buds,
every time a flower falls
kissed be Juliet's lips
Blessed they feel,
Another Romeo dies….

She's the smell
of a sweet bower,
She's a colour
that the rainbow can't describe,
you can't live without her,
nor I…
Yet she's neither yours
nor mine….

Still lonely is the path
she walks,
Every flower she flows over
has a beating heart,
Waiting for that final touch
that final Goodbye…..



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