Imperfections Galore

The ultimate desire,the unconquerable quest and the inextinguishable thirst,for every soul that has ever graced this planet, has been to attain perfection, in this perfectly imperfect world. Be it personal or professional life of an individual,perfection in whatever one does is the most sought after prize.
Although,it would be impossible for any mortal being to attain perfection, the desire within never dies.And why should it? For every person has the right to have his own dreams.And the perfect dream for each one of us, we accept or not, is to be that perfect someone,we imagine ourselves to be. A child dreams of becoming a superhero. The same reflection remains in our mind throughout our lives. There is that perfect image of that “Perfect Me”, that drives our actions.
This quest for perfection is the fire that drives many to greatness. The desire to follow the steps of your idol, or even better to make your own path to that greatness, is the only staircase to self satisfaction. The vision of yourself standing on the same step as your idol is too big an inspiration to neglect.
The only glitch in the perfect movie, is the fact that imperfections are an inseparable part of perfection. To be perfect in all respect , in everyone’s eye,is a task beyond human capability. And to loose oneself striving to achieve something that is practically not attainable is the cause for many heart breaks and set backs.
No philosopher, neither a very good friend can teach you the limits of your perfection. It has to be a self motivated quest to find one’s own limits, or make it. And more importantly to adhere to it. And if possible, to stretch the boundaries till the extent possible.
The greatest perfection that a person can achieve is to accept that imperfections galore in the glittery world of perfectionists. Yet the only desire that should burn within is to be a part of that world where you satisfy the limits of your own perfectionism.


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