Romantic Night

Beneath this stormy night,

underneath the silver moonlight,
feel my heart beat faster,
as the gentle breeze
whispers mischief into our ears,
hand in hand,we’ll walk
through the years..

Words we speak tonight,
will live in our hearts forever,
those mystical eyes,
the romantic night…

Your hair, it flows
with the wind…
your perfume intoxicates,
it thrills…
let no secret between us lie,
let the clouds veil the sky….

The silver dust,
as it falls
take me in your arms,
my love….
let’s live the dream
my beloved queen
let me be the knight,
who wins your heart tonight…

No joy, no bliss
beyond the pleasure,
of your arms
I lay the throne
of my heart,
for you to dethrone…

No emotion deeper
than the love we share
let me see it in your eyes,
This romantic night…..



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