Words can bring a revolution,they say. Words can change people. Words can inspire, they can conspire. Words can create new dreams,they can bring dreams to reality. 

Words, the mightiest sword that a human can device, they say.

Yes, they say….

What’s the worth of a word that’s spoken from the deepest corner of one’s heart?what’s the worth of a word that someone says to save his life? What’s the worth of a word that people say just for the sake of saying?

The most important question,though, what’s the difference between either of these words???

Some say words are just words, said because no one can keep silence. But my friend words are deeper than any silence can think of being.

Some say words are the expressions of one’s feelings, emotions. For whom?, i ask….does the world really cares about your words, my friend…

The harsh truth you accept once you face it is that words are just words, for everyone who’s around you. Words mean something and everything, just for the person who composes the verse.

Trust me my friend “Words have no Worth”.

And if you think i am an insensitive little wart that does not care for emotions or feelings, and thus can never understand the worth of human interchange of expressions, you are deeply mistaken mate. I have nothing in me that can express my inner soul, but these words i write. I worship every word that leaves my mouth. and that is the very reason i feel sorry for the neglect of every word that i say in the eyes of those for whom i say…..



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