A Brief History Of The Human Journey

Let the skies decide your fate,
oh devil;
who kills me
the thunderstikes,the firestorms;
the elements that make up thou earth
would justify
when asked;oh thee….

Who’s cries are these??Should we say Humanity,or trust,or human emotions,or are these the woeful songs of the Mother nature????
The plague has sunken deeper than our imagination can glide our thoughts to.This is the agony of every foundation stone and of every principle that governs the very existence of human race on this planet.
Exaggeration, as it might seem,but ther pretence can’t last long.For years now,we have lived with this facade of innocence.And now the demons,whom we have nurtured for years,have started to haunt us.
We might have tamed every law that governs physics,and every theory that runs our lives.But in this race to defeat such forces,we forget to tame ourselves.Pursuit for excellence in any field one decides to work in has nothing wrong with it.In fact,this hunger to unravel the unknown,is the force that drove us towards cephalisation,which ultimately led to civilisation.The center of the problem doesn’t lie in our hunger to achieve wonderful results.But rather in the path,that we tread to reach the destination of our desires.
We read,and write,and talk,and forget.This has been our theory when it comes to bringing a change.I don’t talk much about nature,nor humanity,because much has been done to assign back the state of orderliness.But it is the human emotions,which remain unattended to.Every one of us, whether we accept or not,we feel the pain of a lost emotion,be it trust,faith,fear,joy or the most envious of all:love.
How often does it happen,that you talk to someone and yet you feel you have not.You loose a dream and yet you don’t cry.You lie so often and yet you never fear. How often do you walk up into people’s company and yet you feel as lonely as the night would,without moon.You laugh at someone’s joke,and join the amusing crowd,and yet not feel the joy.The implications of a lost emotion are far more simpler than we think,but have trained ourselves to deny the obvious,because we love our masquerade.
Our biologists call us a social,i.e.,we live in groups with co-operation.But we are moving towards gregarious habit,where we live in groups, but but don’t have faith on anyone.Can we trust anyone completely today???Our family seems to be the only safe haven for our emotions…
We place ourselves at the heighest level of heirarchy,and take pride in calling ourselves “social Animals”.Although, it rests completely on one’s deeds,which decide,which word out of the two,to emphasis more on,when referring to him.We are superior from our lesser intelligent companions on this planet because we have emotions.Loosing the sense of emotions is making us loose our conscience.The human race is crying for us to get back to the grounds where we started our journey from.The realms of love,trust and faith is where we belong.It’s time to move out of the masquerade and script a new sunrise.No one can decide what we do,but ourselves.For it’s easy to tame a barbarian,but if the need arises to tame an untamed civilised,it would mean lowering the worth of the Human Race……

- Ashk


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